DELL PRECISION T7810 Workstation 8 CORE E5-2630 v3 32GB RAM 256GB SSD windows 10

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    The Dell Precision Tower 7810 is a high-end desktop workstation that is highly customizable to its given need. The 7810 is all about giving users the power they need for intensive applications and graphics-rich workloads. The tower comes with either single or dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors, up to 256GB of quad-channel 2133MHz DDR4 ECC RIMM RAM, a range of different AMD FirePro or NVIDIA Quadro graphic cards, and the 7810 offers the option of traditional drives (with optional Intel CAS-W software solutions that enable I/O speeds close to SSD configurations) and SSD drives. New today is also support for Intel’s P3700 PCIe SSD, which provides even more performance for hefty enterprise workloads within the workstation form factor.

    While the 7810 comes with all sorts of power, Dell also added its Precision Optimizer 2.0. The Dell Precision Optimizer 2.0 automatically adjusts system settings in the BIOS, drivers, and operating system layer to maximize applications performance. User can also select the application profile they wish to use for the Optimizer to make appropriate settings for them. Not only does the Optimizer automatically adjust settings, it has a home screen that shows users how data is being utilized on the CPU memory in real-time, and the data can be tracked and analyzed. Once an Analyze Workload report is generated, it can be sent to the IT department for further analysis to pinpoint bottlenecks and improve over all performance.

    All Dell Precision Towers, including the 7810, are shipping with Teradici PCoIP Workstation Access Software. This software allow for remote access anywhere in the world. PCoIP transmits pixels only, not data, to remote users, regardless of the applications being used. Not only will users be able to access demanding graphics-rich applications from any device or OS, the experience will make the user feel like they are working on their 7810 as it uses the Precision Tower’s power to run the application.

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